‚úļHi, I'm Hollie‚úļ

I'm a composer, pianist, teacher, daydreamer, night thinker, musical tinkerer, white rabbit adherent, coffee addict, star wars fanatic, Satie sympathizer* and somewhat scholar, and sporadic Swiftie currently based in Austin, Texas (subject to change sans notice), where I live with my 15-year-old son, London, and our cat, Igor Stravinsky The Cat.  

To clarify, yes, I can understand that this may seem like a random list, but in the end, I am mostly a lover, and forever student, of harmony, and this fascination has guided my life and heart, and brought a miscellany of creative adventures, curious people, & black cats my way.

(You know who you are!)

Please find below a "BIO" bio, and in the 3rd person which becomes increasingly uncomfortable to write in, does it not?


*He just doesn't seem that weird to me.     


Hollie Thomas is an award-winning composer, pianist and language turned music educator dedicated to helping musicians deepen their musical understanding and chord prowess through creative play on the piano. Her ten years as an English language instructor as well as her  experience composing and performing modern classical and rock music have greatly affected her evolution as an educator over the past 20 years in her independent Austin, Texas studio, and in her immersive online courses and workshops. Hollie holds a BA in Music Composition and an MEd in Linguistic Acquisition.  Her principal teachers in piano performance are the late Hugh E. Thompson, Dr. Edward West, and Dr. Timothy Woolsey, and in composition, Dr. Jerry Hatley and Dr. Michael Woods.

 Hollie’s early compositions, often sparked by dark poetry, lost rivers, the City of Light, and whimsical childrens’ literature, received several awards, most notably the International League of Women Composers Ellen Taafe Zwilich award for her setting of Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice. After many years of stealth musical creativity (and being VERY busy, teaching English, teaching music, traveling around with a Korg and a Nord, and being a mom!), she is currently sorting through multitudes of moleskin notebooks of musical sketches and poetry, 7,000 logic files, and hundreds of Sibelius drafts, preparing for a collection for piano works in Fall of 2024, a chamber operetta exploring  Erik Satie's lifelong obsession of Suzanne Valadon, and a ballet expanding her 2022 commissioned work for string quartet and piano, Suite for Lily, in Spring 2025.  

Professionally,¬†Hollie has¬†equal experience performing in classical & modern¬†chamber¬†groups, for cabaret, theater and dance, and in¬†eclectic pop/rock bands such as classical/rock guitarist and composer¬†Kevin McCormick, David Garza, Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat, Deep Edward, The Jellydots, Cotton Mather, at many prominent music venues and festivals including The Cactus Cafe, Austin City Limits, SXSW, NXNW (did you know they have that in Toronto?), and ACL Festival in Austin.¬†From 2006-2011, she performed, recorded & toured exclusively with Future Clouds & Radar, masterminded by Robert Harrison and¬†described by The New Yorker as ‚ÄúSprawling kaleidoscopic Art-Pop‚ÄĚ, which is kind of putting it mildly.¬†

...This is a longer story, and never ending!  I'm pretty busy teaching at this particular moment (and am breaking character by switching back to the first person now),but if you want to read a LONG BLOG STYLE recounting a part of my CURIOUS PATH that lead me to what I am building now, here you go... 




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