Do the piano keys call you?

Music can connect us to our truest selves, present and past.  

And when we make music with no agenda other than to experience the wonder and magic of musical notes as they interact with each other (aka harmony), it becomes a secret garden,
a place where we can reflect, explore our own inner landscapes, and dream.

It's also super duper fun, grows our brains, & sparks our imaginations
like nothing else!  

If¬†you have just¬†discovered¬†making music for the first time, or if you have¬†been playing¬†music your whole life, but doing so freely without a script¬†feels like¬†a¬†new frontier‚ÄĒyou are¬†wholeheartedly¬†invited to¬†join the Summer Piano Tinkering Lab!

As we experiment and tinker with sound, melody, and chords with curiosity daily,
your musical ear, understanding, and creative confidence will grow.   

Everyone is welcome.


WHEN: June 11-13,@ 11AM  or 7PM CDT,

or stream later if you miss.

WHERE: Live on zoom at your piano, and mine!


Fill your home and summer with music, creativity, & joy! 


Oh, it's $7!

I'm in!